View Full Version : HELP: Vomit in my car. GROSS

01-29-2013, 10:38 AM
Hey All,
I am new here, and unfortunately the reason for my joining is because one of my idiot friends decided he would throw up in my essentially brand new 2012 subaru impreza sport. the scene of the crime is on the passenger side door, along the window frame,, and potentially in the doorcard itself. He managed to get about 80% of it out of the car, however, the 20% that got inside the car smells absolutely disgusting. I have cleaned it 3 times now with upholstery cleaner, carpet cleaner, vacuuming etc. It looks just about brand new again, but it still smells, and its been about a week. I am worried that there is some vomit inside of my door, therefore I feel i need to take the door card off, and clean that to eradicate the smell. I am familiar with door cards, however I have never taken one off a subaru, and was hoping someone could give me a heads up if there are any specific things i need to watch out for so i don't inadvertently break anything in the process. As far as i know there will be tabs holding the door card in place, that I will just have to pry on the door card to take it off. Am I missing anything? please let me know, I realize this may not be the right forum, but there is no impreza forum listed. please help!