View Full Version : Subaru Outback Legacy 1999 - 140k

10-26-2012, 01:20 PM
598Subaru Outback for sale - $3,500.
Perfect winter car, reliable, very roomy and functional. Low mileage. Rated "Above Average" by the Lemon Aid Guide 2012/2013.
Plus: Heated Seats, AC, power everything, ABS, airbags. I just replaced both head gaskets, sparking plugs, water pump and the timing belt - $1,470, I have the receipt. 2 year-old tires. I am the second owner (since 2010). The previous owner had it Subaru maintained all the way through. Comes with the Haynes manual and new break pads (Monroe) and new break disks (Wagner). The break pads still have a good percentage on so the mechanic said there was no need to change them for now. It has automatic transmission. Also comes with roof racks.
Insurance is pretty low on this model.
Down Side: Little whole in the front wind shield but my mechanic told me it hasn't moved during the 2 years I've had it. The front right tire slowly leeks air and I fill it up once a month.
Almost no rust.
E-tested during the summer.

You can email your questions. Thank you.