View Full Version : Is it possible to use an EJ25 in rear engine design?

03-09-2012, 10:11 PM
I hope this is the correct section as I am new to this fourm. It is kinda off topic so I figured I would post it here. So I am trying to design a car for the race up pikes peak. My inspiration comes from the ariel atom. I want to do that same sorta thing. tubular frame with a rear mounted engine. (much like a dune buggy except with racing suspension and tires) I want to use an EJ25 engine (I think) but the transmission is going to cause me loads of problems. 1st problem is the transmission will be backward so the wheels will only get forward drive in the reverse gear. 2nd problem is I want to get rid of the awd system and use limited slip or maybe E-diffs instead. 3rd problem is the shifter is going to be backward from a normal car (but I am sure I can learn to deal with that). 4th problem If I use the trans axles that come out of the transmission the car would be very tail happy Because of the engine hanging over the rear axle. much like the problems with the porsche 911. So I am going to address the 1st and maybe the biggest problem first. I believe you could flip the transmission and the front axle to make it go the correct way like they do in the off road community. Does anyone have experience flipping a subaru transmission? I know how to flip the differential.