View Full Version : 2001 subaru legacy outback Push Start

03-07-2012, 06:05 AM
I bought a 2001 legacy outback, automatic a bit over a year ago.
its my back-up, track car and iv been mucking around with it over the last year, the last couple of days i decided to turn it into a push start car.
I know what your all going to say but I will be storing it in my locked garage and like i said its mostly a track car so it wont be left unattended.

previously the 4 pin connector was replaced and all the wires have shrink wrap over them so i cant see what color they are. the little clip is the "top"
There is a 4 pin connector, I have the top two connectors wired to a switch for the "on" position (it works, ie. radio works, fan works, lights work)
i connected top left top bottom left through a momentary switch for "start" when i turn the flip switch to "on" and and hit "start" the starter motor turns but the engine doesnt start. i put a pice of metal in the key hole (car makes beeping noise with door open) still didnt work. there are two other sets of thinner guage wire i can see coming from the tumbler assembly....do i need to short out either of these??

I want to eliminate the tumbler assembly, i want the car to start without keys, flip switch, press button, car runs, flip switch off car turns off.

Im assuming its one of the two sets of wires is a backup against car jacking but i dont want to just start cutting away and shorting out random wires.

EDIT** the 4 wires going into the wiring harness are white, white/black, yellow and green. and the two sets of two wires each, one set (black and red thin guage) goes into a small black box (2 inch by 4 inch) that has another connector with 10 or more wires. the second set is kind of hidden but looks like 2 black wires....dont know where it goes...

Thanks for any help.