View Full Version : rear main seal leak

02-16-2012, 06:23 PM
I am trying to stop a rear main seal leak in a 1997 subaru outback 2.5. I am on my 3rd attempt at getting this right. First attempt was a failure with the seal flush with the block as per manual. Second attempt i decided to go a bit deeper having thought slight groove wear would keeping it from sealing. Well this did not work. I seated these seals as close to perfect as i could and did not mar any surface or see any grooves or burrs on the sealing surfaces. I noticed one thing which is driving me crazy. The after market seals show actually 2 different seal sizes differing by less than one thousandth. But this difference is only realized on the dimension that contacts the shaft. Cant seem to locate oem sizes so that is not a help. Seems to be alot of manufacturers out there. I tried the Felpro, but am wondering if I should try dealership oem, which has changed numerous times, or go for the speedi sleeve to rule out any chances of more headaches. If anyone has a guaranteed no headache manufacturer of seals, please let me know. And it's not the separator plate, this was replaced.

02-24-2012, 12:34 AM
you can remove the spring inside the seal unscrew it and cut 6 to 8mm off the spring and screw it back together pretention the spring in the opposite direction to make it tighter I only use the silicone seal from sube Does it have the alu seperator and is the screw that goes into the oil passage sealed I seal them all

02-25-2012, 06:55 AM
as it turnx out the second attempt to reseat the gasket worked just fine. The problem was the aftermarket valve cover gaskets that were leaking only when the engine was cooled down. I had to add washers behind the valve cover bolts to give a little more pressure on the gasket....all leaks are gone....and by the way, i did the same with the separator plate....sealed all the screws...its holding up fine....thanks for the help