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01-29-2012, 08:13 PM
Hi Subaru forum members!

I need some advice on getting a 04 Wrx as a first manual car that will be my own car instead of sharing a auto that I currently have =D. I found one on craigslist and I would love some feedback on if its legit or not. Also do stock Wrx's come with turbo or you have to add it yourself?

For the 04 Wrx I found, it cost 10.5k for 78xxx miles (is it worth the price for that mileage?)
Oil was changed every 3.5k miles with synthetic. The car runs very strong and is in very good condition inside and out, I get comments on it all the time about how clean people think it is. I really hate to sell the car but I needed something bigger so now this has to go. Registration was just paid in the end of December.