View Full Version : 98 WRX coupe

01-09-2012, 03:27 PM
Went to college and cant take care of it. Was running in the spring, thought I would have time to work on it myself and never did. Turns, but no spark at all. I think its something simple, but could have jumped time. Had loss of power and unsteady idle before it lost all spark. Located in pikeville,ky

This car needs quite a bit of work even if simple. Price is negotiable.

I also should mention that only 11.5 psi has been ran on this motor. Previous owner blew the rs motor and tuned the WRX for that and I never messed with it.

The good:
Motor has around 45000
Chassis around 90000
PClink computer management
Garret T3 dual bearing turbo
Professionally tuned (settings saved in PClink)

The bad:
Interior (had plans to redo)
Light scuff on front bumper/qtr panel
Thin crack in windshield

Email for pics not enough post to add them on here