View Full Version : No windshield washer level gauge in Impreza 2011

Polar Bear
01-05-2012, 02:20 PM
Although I am a Newbie to this Forum, I have onwed a 2008 Tribeca and now a 2011 Oultook, bought my wife a 2011 Impreza, and have discovered that there is no indicator for windshield washer fluid level on the dashboard. I am in Canada, so I don't know if the U.S. model does have a warning light to indicate the low level of washer fluid. I am told they do have it available in Europe. My wife commutes thru heavy traffic in Montreal for 2 hours every day, in winter conditions, so it is really a safety issue. Can anyone help by advising if there is any aftermarket product available or any solution available? My Subaru dealer told me yesterday, that it is now available on the 2012 Impreza (pleased to see that Subaru has addressed the issue). She bought the car last summer, and this is not the type of question that you normally ask a car salesman ?
You guys know how important it is to keep your wife happy ...