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there are some important things that we as driver's of automobile,s need to practice in order to respect the eye's of oncoming
driver's in nightime driving situations Fog lamps are supplied on many newer vehicles however these should not be used in clear weather and or nightime situations Because there is an increase of lighting being projected from the front of our vehicles towards the eyes of the other approaching driver,s Most vehicles now have the ability built in to the vehicle to allow operation of the fog lamps alone and the operation of rear vehicle tailamp.s and front park lamps, most common sense and properly written Motor Vehicle regulations will allow the use of fog lamps in place of the low beam lamps Because of lamps are normally being aimed lower so as to better peer under the fog, use of low and high beam is sometimes useless in foggy conditions because of the white light glowing backwards off the fog moisture particles into the eyes of the vehicle driver, amber colored fog lamps seem to work better because of less light spatter back into the eye,s of the driver using the fog lamps and the amber colored light is easier on the eyes of the oncoming drivers
The motor Vehicle regulations need to be re written to allow law enforcement to issue citaton's to drivers that drive around with fog lamps lit in clear weather or at nightime when the weather is clear.
Auxillary driving lamp's must be operated from the high beam light operation only so that the added light operates when the most seeing distance is required ahead of the vehicle at night, and to ensure that the auxillary driving lamps cannot be operated on Low beam operation to protect the eye's of the oncoming driver's
Frequent road side police Vehicle inspection's are required to catch and correct improper wiring and switching that allow the lights to be operated in a manner that decrease,s public safety and allows a disrespect to the eye's of the oncomimg driver's and allow a blinding headlamp situation that can create road rage and set up a head on collision accident waiting to occur
Some of the early Daytime Running lamp.s installed on vehicles allow the daytime running lamps to be lit in the daytime and then at the nightime they are called fog lamps and or Auxillary driving lamps and the operator has no means of shutting the lamps off
to respect the eyes of oncoming motorist's and or meet properly written and safe Motor Vehicle regulations that are supposed to be there for the protection of all drivers you and I
there is a great need to ensure that all vehicles have their headlamp alignment inspected in the following conditions
(1) when the unit is new fresh from the factory
(2) any time weight has been added to the vehicle ie. Canopy. winch, tool box, fuel tank, welder
or a deck that is used for carrying weight
(3) when the unit is used for towing trailers,
(4) anytime repairs are completed to the suspension of vehicle ( new springs etc. accident's)
(5) when the unit ages and there is settlement of the suspension ( 3-5 years)

as drivers we have the responsibility dim our lights when meeting oncoming vehicles, and when following vehicles to prevent our headlamps from blinding other's who share the roadway system
as a matter of common courtesy and to lower the risk's of creating accident's

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that's an nice stuff it would help me a lot thanks for the post good job guys.