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11-17-2011, 08:39 PM
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We're packing up our cameras and laptops and heading out of the Los Angeles Convention Center, but before we seal the lid on the 2011 LA Auto Show (http://autoblog.com/category/la-auto-show), it's time to reflect on our staff's favorite debuts of the past two days. Unlike previous shows, there was nothing here in LA that truly stood out as the clear Best In Show winner, but because of that, there were plenty of good arguments amongst the staff about the five best cars on display in Los Angeles.

We won't give away the winner just yet (you'll have to click past the break (http://www.thesubaruforum.com/2011/11/17/editors-choice-top-five-2011-la-auto-show-debuts/#continued) to see the results), but we'll say that the first and second place cars were nearly tied, with the Number One car only winning by one vote. But enough with this fluff - hit the jump (http://www.thesubaruforum.com/2011/11/17/editors-choice-top-five-2011-la-auto-show-debuts/#continued) to see Autoblog's picks for the five best debuts of the 2011 LA Auto Show.Continue reading Editors' Choice: Top Five 2011 LA Auto Show Debuts (http://www.autoblog.com/2011/11/17/editors-choice-top-five-2011-la-auto-show-debuts/)

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11-18-2011, 08:33 AM
can you check your in box please. i have sent you 3 pms with no response on trying to become a vendor to help out on the forum.