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10-16-2011, 06:09 PM
hi guys, if anyone can help please do!

i have my engince light come on (2008 wrx)

brought it in to the dealer

got 63000km

they scaned the code and dedtermined it was an air sencor just before the cat. now the tech said that this part is not commonly changed and that they have to order the part cause the dont stock it

that was on wed. i was to go back on friday to fix it but friday morning the lights on the dash were normay.

I called the dealership and said id come in if the light came on again.

now at 63000km you would think the part and labour would be covered, apparently they are not covered after 60k. i really think it should be covered for me since i drive 1500-2000km every week or so.

anyways the reason why i am posting this is because it is now sunday and the light came on again and i hae to drive to ottawa from toronto for the week on business.

with this light being on again i knwo that the cars comp is remapping the fuel and oil rates which is making the car run lean.

now i will be putting 5k on this week and want to know if i should bring it in first to get fixed before the trip or not. will i be okay since its only a sencor??

on top of that do you think the dealership should just go ahead and cover it under warr??

10-17-2011, 10:35 PM
Because the CEL is related to the fuel system loop, your engine is probably running in fail-safe mode...I would get this problem fixed ASAP to prevent CAT damage.

Do you know the code #?[it will be P0###]