View Full Version : Wanted 2002 or Newer Outback or Forester (Wagon Type) 7-8K Range

10-15-2011, 12:19 PM
I just got a job that is located about 45 minutes outside Fargo, ND. I am moving there from Portland, Oregon.

I'm selling my 2wd 1999 Honda Civic with 79K Miles and have narrowed down my desired purchase to a Wagon - either a Subaru or Volvo, but I'm leaning hard towards the Subaru.

Obviously AWD is important to me. My priorities are:

Price of Vehicle $7-8K
Ability to Start in Fargo all winter even if non garaged (block heater perhaps)
Ability to get out of non-plowed areas (AWD + Tires - possibly chains or cables?)
Mileage of Vehicle - Lower is Better :)
Meticulous Previous Ownership - Carfax - lots of questions - mechanical records - watch their behavior
Geographic Location of the Vehicle - Seattle, Boise, Portland - somewhere in that triangle

Of course I am not married to anything yet so if you guys steer me in a completely different direction I am open to suggestions. I would even buy a Baja.

My Google Voice Number is - or email me/PM me - post back to this thread.

Many thanks for any comments including, "hey you don't know what you are doing - you should be......"