View Full Version : 99 legacy lights?

09-30-2011, 10:35 PM
Hey out there i just bought a 99 legacy for collage to replace my 1987 lifted chevy, still have it but shes hidden away for the time im away

I am looking in to new headlights or just and hid kit, also fog lights, ive seen tomany websited and they all dont look so great, so whos got a set out there that look good and dont hurt the wallet?

So far i have done so little to this car and ive fallen in love with subies. ive done the timeing belt witch was suprizingly easy accept having to find the plate that goes behind the hydrolic idler. front CV axel and a decent rear breaks, but later down the road i need backing plates baddd in the back.

If any one has some cheap upgrade ideas (mechanical or cosmetic) let me know

Stock 99 subaru legacy auto