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09-20-2011, 10:10 PM
Xiao Yuesheng stood up, hands handbags, behind, looking up to heaven, like arty Yin poem, but unfortunately a blank mind, one can not remember, breeze Xu,

switchgrass Qingbai, blowing from the lake surge of moist fresh breeze, gently blowing his cheeks, made him extremely uncomfortable, a poem naturally jumped

out: "Cold Wind in the Willows is not blowing side!"This is a poem pop out, Xiao Yuesheng heart very smooth beauty, for they can not Yinfengnongyue regret

gradually fades, though like Yin two: "ah, South Lake, I love you -" but hard put up tolerance, or hold back, or be heard, the audience will laugh at people

despise, although he did not care, but you are handbags, afraid that their own future apprentice unaffordable.