View Full Version : WTT: 1998 BMW 328is 80k Miles. For Subaru Wagon

09-16-2011, 01:39 AM
Looking to trade for Forester, Outback, or Legacy Wagon. Pref. manual 4cyl


copied from Ebay listing:

I am the 3rd owner of this car. My dad had it before me, and his best friend bought it brand new prior to him. The car is in excellent condition inside/out. cosmetically the only problem is the fron grill which was knocked out when I hit a dead rabbit on the road (See pics). The car is so low it flipped up and punched out the grill. It did no other damage to the car, I just never got around to fixing it. It is a $30 fix and I can replace it before it is sold.
I personally have never driven this car in the winter, though it has been before I owned it. I always hand wash it or take it to a self serve. I have never brought it to a car wash that touches the car, because it is not good for the paint. I have always taken excellent care of this car, and kept it very clean.

I have always kept up on frequent oil changes (usually before the light meter tells me to). Using Mobil 1 full synthetic (bmw recommended). Oil was just recently changed. A/C Belt and Serpantine belts were recently replaced. Along with the Water pump and the thermostat, and the coolant was flushed in the last month. I spent the extra money to use BMW coolant as recommended

Aftermarket mods include
Raceland Coilover suspension - it can very easily be adjusted up or down.. though I would not go any lower than it already sits
H&R Race springs
Drilled and Slotted performance Brake Rotors
Euro clear lighting front and back. Blinkers and Tail lights.
e36 M3 Exhaust

No performance mods.. I have never done anything to the engine. Only Cosmetic mods

Give me a call if you are interested.
Price is pretty firm but I am open to any offers and trades. I am in the market for a Subaru Outback, Legacy, or Forester wagon. something AWD, clean, and under 120k miles.
Give me a call if you have ANY question about the car. I absolutely love this car. I have been test driving some different cars and nothing comes close to the way this one feels and drives. Everything from the tight handling and sterring, to the smooth feel of the clutch. She drives like a dream, not many cars can compare. But I just need something more practical in my life right now. I am getting a motorcycle next season and it makes no sense to drive a BMW only in the winter.

Willing to work something out with the pick up of the car. I will be in Colorado from sept25-Oct3rd and going down to Florida Oct8-17th I will be passing through a lot of states and if you are a serious buyer we can work something out or meet half way. Otherwise you can come see for yourself!