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09-11-2011, 02:58 PM
Hi all,

I live in Canada where we get a good long winter and the mayor of my town has decided it's a good idea to save on snow clearing so he has doubled the amount of snowfall required before the city clears the streets. Needless to say, my city/car situation looks like a scene from Star Wars in the winter thus I'm seeking to buy a Subaru. I like watching rallycar on TV but WRX and high performance is not something I am seeking.

I'm looking for a hatchback but definitely don't need or desire a station wagon. Manual transmission is a must. I've found two interesting cars:

A 2003 outback sport with 120 124 KM (74 642 miles) for 6000$

A 2007 impreza hatch with 82 360 KM (51 176 miles) for 11 000$

My budget is around 10 000 max. Is it worth it to stretch my budget and get the newer Impreza with lower mileage or is the 2003 outback dependable enough that I'm not shooting myself in the foot by buying a car that will cost me 1000ands in repairs? Obviously, the affordability of the ouback has me very interested but I've always owned used cars and don't want something that will be breaking down all the time and is unreliable. Are these good prices for these cars?
Thanks in advance for all your help/suggestions/opinions.


09-15-2011, 02:43 AM
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