View Full Version : WTB: Gen1/2 Impreza or Gen 2/3 Legacy.

09-10-2011, 09:14 PM
Looking to get an AWD Impreza or Legacy. Something auto, wife can't drive stick.

Prefer coupes or sedans, no wagons. A clean Impreza hatch may be acceptable.

I'd like to find something as close to Masonville NY, 13804, as possible. I am willing to travel to non-rust belt areas though for a good deal.

Mileage, around 150k or less. Exceptions made for good deals on well kept cars of course (receipts for service items preferred)

I've got 4k to play around with, so whatever you offer please let it fall in that range.

If you have slight modification's it's no big deal, but I like doing most of my own "improvements" to vehicles.