View Full Version : need some good advice asap...

08-28-2011, 06:33 PM
hiya all,
i am a new member and i have just bought my first ever scooby.. its a 1996 2.0 turbo wrx inport,
i got it cheap becouse there is knocking coming from the block, i dont know alot about subaru's im going to take the engine out and change the block my plan is to keep the engine pretty much standerd, i believe my eninge is a ej20 i have a couple of question if anyone can anser for me and give me some extra advice would help...

1, keeping my engine standerd whats the best bigger turbo to go for?

2, is it possible to supercharge the engine and what supercharger should i go for?

3,i have a de-cat full system exhaust but the back-box is only like 3inch i want to weld a bigger back-box would that effect it atall any faster ect?

4,im looking to get it re-maped after engine is all back togther is it worth getting it shiped before aswel, also while i have the engine out is there any other things i may want to think about doing ?

please give me the best advice to go for as i dont know thanks.

08-29-2011, 06:41 AM
can any one help me ?