View Full Version : Planning to buy My first Wrx

08-15-2011, 07:46 PM
Hello Guys Im a 17 year old kid, Who has a part time job at pizza hut. I currently drive a 5 Speed Nissan 240 s14, Im planning on moving over to the Subaru Side. I have money saved up I was going to put in my S14 but Now Im having second thoughts, Im thinking about selling my s14 and use that money and my saved up money into a wrx

Now I need to know when was the first available Wrx in america like what year the specs etc
And how much am Im looking for to paying in a used one Clean/Dirty tittle as long as the car work and will continue to work
I tired google but Im not getting striaght forward answers
Thats about it thanks
P.S and if not what was the first Subaru car that was turbo and available for the U.S

08-25-2011, 12:31 AM
i say sell the s14 everyone and their mom has one! you get a subaru and youll see the differnce you can actually have comforts but yet be boosting hard!
o and stay with clean titles as tempting as a built sti or stock sti may be for cheap stay away from slavage or restored salvage not worth the hassel