View Full Version : 05' Legacy stalling problem

08-11-2011, 12:52 AM
So I got my car washed on Saturday, brought it home fine, didn't drive it much on Sunday. Go to wrk on Monday and not until the afternoon i noticed my car didn't startup right away . From there it progressively got worse every startup. Tuesday night, the car doesn't start, we looked under the hood at home and noticed the battery had a lot of corrosion around the positive terminal. So we pick up a bt cleaner, clean off the terminal and its still dead. We got a jump from the neighbor, it started then died, started again but died soon after. This morning I took the battery to Autozone, determined it was done and got a new one. Got it in, started up fine, drove fine, except it idles bad and occasionally stalls when you come to a stop or backing up slowly. Then it threw a cel. Got it checked at Autozone. code#p0506 - Idle control system rpm lower than expected: probable cause: 1) large vacuum leak 2) fuel system concern 3) dirty throttle body 4) faulty iac valve. I took it to the service dept. at my work and they said the code was reading "sporatic misfire." They reset the code and checked the spark plugs and said it was okay and nothing seemed to be wet. When I got it back it was a bit better but not right. The RPMs drop below 500 when idle and it shutters like it is going to die. I don't know what happened. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am going to take it to the Subaru dealership but I thought a little feedback from some owners might help ease my mind. Thanks in advance!