View Full Version : Die hard Subaru fan - Tribeca conversion to LPG?

08-09-2011, 05:39 PM
Hello everyone

Quick couple of questions for you all. I was an Impreza owner for a while but children beckoned and we changed to the Tribeca. It is an excellent car and has everything that we as a family need. That said, the MPG is appalling.... 22 MPG!!!

So I was thinking about converting to LPG. We called Subaru to discuss this today and they also said that they had had it done to some of their own vehicles. So questions are

- what do you think about this? Has anyone any knowledge of it being done, what to look out for etc?
- more tricky question, who would you recommend doing the conversion? The guy at Subaru said to use whoever Subaru had used but we called and they wouldn't tell us who had done conversions for them - bit odd but there you go!

Any help gratefully received...