View Full Version : Self inflicted oil leak

08-04-2011, 01:11 PM

Not sure where to post this but I need some help. I consider myself a pretty moderate DIYer on my Subarus but I made a really stupid mistake. Decided to change the timing belt on my 2006 Impreza 2.5L SOHC with 110K. While I was in there I thought it would be a good idea to replace the cam and crank oil seals (that never leaked a drop of oil). After struggling to remove the DS cam seal, I decided I was going to leave the others alone. After installing new seal and buttoning things up, I developed a leak on the DS right under the cam sprocket. After a fair amount of cussing, I opened her back up and discovered that the new seal was indeed leaking. After some more cussing I popped the seal out and realized I had gouged the camshaft a bit when I removed the old seal. I can pretty much assume this is why the new seal leaked. I tried smoothing it out with some fine grit sandpaper (I know some people are probably cringing right now). Once again after putting things together, the new oil leak is still there, a little worse than before I think. I guess my camshaft is probably toast........Here is where you all come in.......

Where do I proceed from here? My thoughts are this:

1. Replace camshaft (can I do it without removing engine or should I remove engine?) Also, any procedural advice or tips on replacing camshaft would be appreciated.

2. ......???????.......any ideas?

Thanks in advance!!