View Full Version : Newb with some questions.. Offroad/overland expedition?

07-07-2011, 12:45 AM
Hey guys, I do not own a Subaru yet, and I have never owned one in the past. However I have been considering a wagon of some sort for offorad type stuff. Nothing hardcore, no rock climbing or stuff like that; but I want to be able to take it off the beaten path and do overland type stuff, wilderness camping, etc.

Question is, is there a specific year(or range of years) I should look at? Specific options, like motor size, etc? I have been eying suby wagons on my local craigslist, and it looks like I can pick up mid/late 90s outbacks/legacy for under $3k. Most of them however have more than 150k miles... Is there anything I should be aware of if I were to go look at them in person?

I am very mechanically inclined and I am confident that I can perform any maintenance/repairs myself. But, I do not want to get into something that will be a money pit, and I don't want to be throwing all of my time into it, or really doing any maintenance right away. Right now I need something as a daily driver, but I want to eventually take it out and romp around =). I have been considering a suby wagon, because right now my daily driver is a Porsche 944, and I want something with a little bit more utility/room for gear and whatnot.

Sorry for the long post, I would love to hear some suggestions from the experts. Thanks