View Full Version : Car deck too big for '06 Impreza?

06-30-2011, 07:02 PM
Hi, I just bought Oxygen Audio's O'Car (first post so I can't add link but you can google the name to take a look at it) from eBay and then called Island Audio (reputably the best in town for car installations) to get it installed but after the guy checked out the website he said it would probably not fit in my 06 Impreza, something about the isomounts. Does anyone know if this is common or if there's anything I can do? I can't find the tech specs for the deck but I'm hoping there'll be a way to do it since I can't return it. Any info is greatly appreciated!


10-22-2011, 02:07 PM
If the trim around the faceplate doesn't come off, or the faceplate is oversized (bigger than the chassis or din size behind it) - you will need to custom trim the radio bezel that goes around the radio so it will fit.
Some shops won't do it, others might not do it because it will look ugly, and most won't do it because it's ebay stuff.

I suggest just doing it yourself. There are lots of do it yourselfs on youtube and in these and many other forums. If you have an issue just post and someone will help you.

You will need:
a subaru wiring harness (metra 70-8901)
wire strippers
3m electrical tape
Screw drivers
Maybe a peice of plastic to pop off the trim around radio.
Now get to work. :)
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