View Full Version : Wow, hard work replacing tming belt

06-26-2011, 06:43 PM
My 2000 legacy L had no record of timing belt replacement so I did the job. Things to consider,1 it's a lot of hard work, do it your self or some schmuck will make money doing is half assed.2 Off is easy, on is really hard. I lost about 1 1/2 pints of blood from my thumb on a sharp surface of the cam pulley. WEAR GLOVES!!! Put everything back together as planned but leave the lower Left idler off and...leave the belt off the pulley/idler to the left of the crank off AND use thin screwdrivers to help the belt around from the pulley to the left of the crank onto the slotted pulleys while helping it over the water pump. Check the bearing and replace as needed. 3 Compress the hydraulic tensioner unless you are replacing it. A small allen wrench pushed in the hole did the job holding it in place once it was compressed with a long screwdriver. I had to wash off a lot of blood from the car and my hand due to inexperience. I could probably do a SOHC in about 2 hrs now that I know what to do, a DOCH looks pretty hard. Leave the Left lower pulley off until just before you release the pin from the tensioner. It's easy to screw in place pre-release but impossible post (trust me) I didn't remove the radiator but wish I had for the room. The trick of taking off the harmonic balancer/pulley by putting a 22mm breaker bar on the nut and using the starter worked great. I used one that sat on the L battery seat area with some wood shims to prevent dents. YOU MUST REMOVE THE PLUG WIRES TO BE SURE THE ENINGE DOESNT STArT WHILE DOING THIS (YES ALL CAPS) a quick click worked for me.