View Full Version : '05 Legacy hit a curb hard..now alignment issues....help

06-25-2011, 10:01 PM
I just moved back to Florida from Maine with my 2005 Legacy GT with 80k miles. (I love my car) Just before I left I was fortunate enough to hit a curb with my front passenger side wheel while taking a left turn and hit it pretty hard. Ever since there has been a vibration that I feel in the pedals and it seems to be coming from the front passenger side. Its a light vibration and doesn't cause the steering to vibrate.....its almost like i have pebbles in my tires or something. The vibration is most noticeable from 40 - 60 mph and despite a new wheel, camber kit and multiple alignment checks and tire balances it wont go away. The steering wheel stays perfectly centered when the car is going straight but if l let go of the wheel it gradually fades to the right despite my alignment being in spec. The tires are showing some wear "hills and valleys" so i know i need shocks but this vibration happened when I hit that darn curb. Sears cant seem to figure it out since they have told me bent rims (didn't work) and now rotors (which i didn't think made sense.) Does a bent tie rod cause this kind of issue and is there anyone out there that has experience with side impact to the wheel like that and what damage it could or does cause?

I appreciate any help or comments......or insults for doing that to my car