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06-19-2011, 03:21 PM
hi im drew and im new to subaru's. i am an american living in the uk and just bought a 98 impreza turbo 2000 AWD. i dont want to buy alot of stuff for it but probably some head and tail lights and maybe a few other things here and there. my problem though is that i dont want to pay in pounds so im gonna buy from the states and ship it to my apo box. so is the trim the same as say an impreza L from the states? thanks for any help. let me know if you need more clerification.


08-03-2011, 08:51 PM
Hi. The best advice I have learned about owning a Subaru, no matter which model you buy and/or where you like is: (1) Get is serviced according to the handbook- no skimping on parts/labour. For me that is 12,000km (05WRX) some people get them every 6000km but that is a choice for you, your wife and your wallet. I would presume that shorter service intervals would be beneficial. Just a question of value for money. (2) Buy decent tyres. To each their own on what is decent. But after 200,000km I have found that the (05WRX) OEM tyre Bridgestone 050A is 'good enough' to justify not trying to find another type. Easiest advice, find the OEM tyre and buy it, then save in advance for the next set. (3) Look at replacing brake pads/disc (when they need to be replaced) with higher quality ones, as long as the price of the 'better' ones are only a little above the ones you are putting in. I say this because the pad/discs used by my local dealer are only 5-10% cheaper than 'a better set' so I purchased the better set, got them fitted by a reputable fitter and saved that $$$ back in labour costs ($60 and hour vs $90). But this last point requires a little research and can be annoying and not worth 'the results'- FYI I got DBA 4000 with Bendix Ultimates fitted to my front recently. After the extra cost of parts and the discount in labour, it only cost me around less than $50 extra. Well worth the effort in my situation. (4) The cheapest mod you can buy is the one you buy because you were replacing the (old/faulty/defective) part ANYWAY. But like I said, trying to research the 'best part' for you is difficult (to say the least). I hope my input has been some help to you. Cheers - Laurie 'From Down Under'

08-04-2011, 12:42 PM
i have a different approach on that mater I think the parts are the same whether in the U.S or U.K.

08-04-2011, 12:52 PM
I agree with Sub^