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06-19-2011, 12:00 AM
Iím looking to purchase a subaru but the new ones are way out of my price range. I test drove an 2011 mazda6 and wasnt impressed (my sister has an 06mazda v6 and i like the look and drive better) iíve found a couple 08 subaru legacy gt with 30,000k or less on them. What do you think would be a better investment 2011 mazda6 or a 08 subaru LGT with >30,000miles. also is there a big difference in service to the LGT as opposed to the legacy

06-19-2011, 10:54 AM
also is there any faults/common problems with the 08LGT i should know about

06-19-2011, 01:35 PM
There is now a 2011 wrx manual in the running. I learned to drive stick on a 2000 outback wagon and picked it up very quickly but when I drove my dads like 94 wagon saturn I could barely drive it. I need as much input/opinions/advise as possible

06-22-2011, 11:36 AM
70 views and no replys...what a disappointing forum. thanks for the help