View Full Version : Help with old subarus- several questions

06-16-2011, 01:07 AM
For $50 each, I bought the following cars:
1985 Subaru Leone 1.8L turbo Automatic w/ pushbutton AWD (no low range)- good body and drivetrain, but engine was overheated and doesn't run
1985 Subaru Leone 1.8L non turbo 5 speed 4x4 w/ low range- Good engine and drivetrain, but car was rolled and body is trashed.

My goal is to build a little runaround car that is cheaper to drive than my work truck.
I'd prefer the 5 speed and 2 speed transfer case over the auto/hydraulic AWD setup. If I could rebuild the turbo engine, that would be cool as well. However, I want to get this car going, so if it's easier to build it as an auto/ non turbo, then I might go that route instead.

How hard would it be to swap the 5 speed and transfer case into the other car, vs adapting the non turbo motor to fit the auto tranny?

How would one go about determining if the turbo motor could be repaired?

Considering the parts that I have available, would it be possible to add a turbo to the non turbo engine?

Assuming that the turbo engine was able to be saved, how hard would it be to adapt it to fit the manual tranny?
Thank you for your time.

02-11-2012, 09:32 PM
I dont know much about all that,but if i was you i would part them out and get something that runs.