View Full Version : subie owner finally!!

06-15-2011, 11:16 PM
Hello everyone! I finally bought a subaru! I've been wanting one forever and finally got one, its not new or fancy its just a 1995 legacy ls... A bit rough around the edges but still runs like a champ. Bought it from an older lady with a few nifty options.... Konig Appeal aftermarket wheels, remote start, alarm, and a descent aftermarket JVC radio with xm and front USB port. Not to shabby for the price I paid. Although just recently the left rear tire blew out on me on the highway doing 80mph and tore my bumper up... So mad!! But bought some brand new tires all around for it. Now I need a new bumper cover.... But on a more positive note I'm just glad to have a subie! My dream is to own a STI hatch-back, badly lol anywhos... I'm glad to be part of this forum so I can get tips and help when needed... Like first off, can you put a badass exhaust system on the legacy like a WRX?? I want it bad on mine, love the way a subie sounds with those!!