View Full Version : some problems with 88 gl 10

05-09-2011, 11:36 PM
not sure if this is the right thread, but im having some issues with this car i got, im a new Subaru owner by the way. i found this gl 10 wagon for 400 bucks with a rebuilt motor in it. i wasnt there when it was purchase, my dad picked it up for me. it feels real doggy, i own a duramax, so i might just be not used to it, but its like an unnatural doggy like 1/8th throttle is almost better than full throttle. the spark plugs were all white, and the fuel filter was good. i tried throwing some seafoam, and noticed it wouldnt run with the air cleaner off, so it seems like the MAF is real important, so im wondering it that might be bad. oh and its got a real bad griding noise that you can feel below your feet, and when your going a long and turn the wheel just a little bit right and left, it does it real bad, thought it was the drivers side CV, and it didnt help that and the passenger side seems fine? oh and its naturally aspirated, no turbo.