View Full Version : Difficulty of swapping used engine for a 97 Legacy

04-27-2011, 08:24 PM
Hey yall,

First and foremost, thanks for your help in advance. I recently killed the engine in my 97 2.2L AWD Legacy. Had it for 6 months and never noticed an oil leak. Well, apparently I had one, in addition to a non-working oil light. So, I threw a rod on way to work last week two months after my last oil change and the engine is toast... shocker. Surprise surprise, I'm feeling like a complete dumb ass. The bastards at the auto shop I had it towed to want $2800 for putting a rebuilt engine in her. Another shocker, I don't have that kind of money in my bank account. So I'm thinking to myself, "Screw these assholes, how hard can replacing a Suby engine be?" And well, that's my question. I've done a fair amount of wrenching in my life, but never replaced an engine. Am I being way over confident in thinking that I can handle this? Please, tell me how it is, and any references to helpful forums and or step by step directions would be most helpful.