View Full Version : Need Advice 2008 Impreza Sport 220,000kms

04-19-2011, 07:57 PM

This is my first post here but hopefully not my last! I've been looking at purchasing a suby for quite some time now, and finally have found one that seems like a pretty good deal.


2008 Impreza 2.5 Sport Hatchback
Rally Blue

Noticeable Problems :

Leak in power steering line. (could be rack)

Struts up front aren't as smooth as they should be

Sway bar bushings need replacing

Front brakes about 50%

Body Damage , hood small spots a couple through the clear coat and a couple scratches. over all good shape

Windshield needs to be replaced as well


No accidents
One owner Non smoker
interior mint
service records from subaru dealer look up to date and regular.
timing belt was done at 161000km
rear brakes are new

Still drives very good and sounds great engine wise. The ride is just a lil rough compared to others I've test driven.

So I would appreciate any input whether negative or positive and an estimation of what you think it's worth.... Thanks for your help in advance.

I can't wait to own a subaru and eventually get a wrx sti! Love em'