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04-13-2011, 06:59 AM
hi there im new to this site and new to scoobys ive got a 2000 classic wrx uk spec ive only had it 6 months and its only got 80,000 miles i know the last owner so i know it was looked after but the other day i pulled off and there was like a judder could feel it more thro the pedals and then when i was slowing down in 2nd gear there was a whine bit like an axilliriy belt whine so lifted up the bonnet there was a little bit of smoke and it smelt of clucth evn tho the clucht has never slipped so i left it for a week then got it out yestrerday seems ok its still juddering abit but when im going at a steady speed theres abit of a whine coming from nearer to the passenger side then when u up the revs it goes then this morning pulled of in 1st gear and as it was idling down in gear it made the axilliriy belt noise again but then hasnt done it since plus it just feels abit rough going in gear reverse has always been abit difficult to go in then u have to release the clucht and try again but now just abit cacthy when going in gears mainly3rd any one got any idaes i would be gratfull thanks

04-14-2011, 02:42 AM
Does that Wrx have a turbo? Could be possibility. I'm not sure on anything eurospec or of that year. Just a thought, if it is in fact turbo'd, that could be your problem.