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03-18-2011, 01:23 PM
Hello, I'm new to this forum. I posted this question yesterday on the Sube Newbe section but didn't get any response. I have an '08 WRX and have been changing my own at home for awhile. I started using the longer oil filter (WIX 51334) instead of the little short one that is OEM. I do notice that, because of it's length it is colser to the exhaust heat shield. Does anyone think that would be a problem? I do put in 4 1/2 quarts of oil to compensate for the larger filter.

04-02-2011, 03:48 AM
the size of the oil filter shouldnt have anything to do with the amount of oil you put in your car.

04-02-2011, 05:10 PM
You're pulling my leg, right? If not, then think about that for minute. The larger the filter, the more oil it will take to fill it.

04-05-2011, 08:21 PM
If you add a larger oil filter you should need more oil. To make sure your putting the correct amount of oil in. Durring the oil change fill the oil filter with oil at time on install. Fill the motor untill the dip stick shows full. Start the engine and run untill warmed up. Let engine cool down and check the dip stick. If you need more oil add till full. All done. I recommend using K&N oil filter or Royal Purple. If your trying to run a larger oil filter for great oil flow, just put in a oil catch can or larger oil cooler.

04-08-2011, 05:50 AM
From all the tests I have seen mobil 1 is the one of the best filters, I talk to a few people that did some tests at a shop as well. I also found that wix is about the same as a fram and that ac delco is right below mobil 1. As far as oil the standings are: royal purple Castrol syntec, mobil 1 (close to syntec) then valvoline.