View Full Version : Newby (fingers crossed) 2.5 GT

03-18-2011, 10:28 AM
Hello all. I am from Boise Idaho and along with many I have dreamed of owning a STI for a long time.

However the price point has always been a issue for me.

A few years ago I discovered the Legacy 2.5GT and the B.Spec and was very drawn to them for obvious reasons. They are fast, and look more like a family car.

A few days ago I decided I want to sell my RX8 because I am tired of RWD in the snow here. Plus my wife and I would like to have kids eventually and let's face it. Suicide doors aren't the most practical way to reach back seats.

SO as I always do I start shopping for a car before I sell mine and I found a 2005 Legacy 2.5GT with 63,000 miles on it for a killer price. I won't announce it here or someone else might steal it from me :-)

It also has stage 2 cobb tuning, a down pipe, full custom exhaust, STP CAI and a complete set of snow tires. After driving my RX8 for over a year I now feel like I was driving a car toy. This thing is FAST.

Now to my questions.
1) I really want a car that will last me a long time. Is this the right car for that? I have heard mixed reviews. "They run for 300,000+" and "they start to have issues around 50,000 miles".

2) He has not had a 60k mile service done. Should this be done? What does it consist of and how much approximately does it cost at a dealer?

I put around 12k miles a year on my cars so in 5 years it would still only have 123k miles on it. However that sounds high to me and starts to scare me. I usually get scared and sell my cars when they hit 90k.

Anyways. Any input and opinions would be awesome.