View Full Version : Subaru Loyale doesn't start.

03-16-2011, 04:55 PM
OK, I need some help figuring out a problem with a 1992 Subaru Loyale that won't start.

It is getting spark to all four plugs, but, I haven't checked the injector to see if it is getting a pulse signal, because I don't have a noid light. What I have decided is that the spark isn't firing at the right time like it is suppose to. With the timing light on, sometimes the timing marks will show up where they can be seen, but, not often in the same place. More often than not, the timing marks can't be seen during the ignition flash at all. The flash itself is also sparodic.

I tried checking the signal from the crank angle sensor in the distributor, I understand that by putting a 12 volt test light between the negative coil terminal and the negative battery cable connector, I should get a destinct bright/dim, bright/dim, which would tell me the distributor is signaling properly, however, it seems to me what I am getting is a flickering bright light all the time. Running the starter with the ignition on and a microvolt meter connected to the white wire of the connector going into the distributor, I am not sure that I am seeing any voltage at all. Certainly nothing anywhere close to one volt which I have read is around what I should be seeing for the signal.

Is there anything else that I can do that might help to determine for sure that it is the distributor crank angle sensor or the ECU/ECM that is the problem?

The engine does try to start. It will kick over and over sometimes and at others not, so, I am pretty sure that the spark is the problem, but, the question is ECM, or crank angle sensor?

I only have one error code that I can access, and that is 35 which has no bearing on the ignition problem, and I really don't seem to be able to locate the test connectors under the dash to see if I can bring up the code history from memory. According to my book (Haynes) the test connectors should be disconnected, to retrieve the codes, but, I assume that is the default condition anyway so I should be getting all of them, which means just the one.

Any further information you can provide me that will help me diagnose this problem will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the time.