View Full Version : SUBYNEWBY (Broken 99 Impreza) Hello and help!

03-13-2011, 12:33 AM
I'm not sure where the "99 Impreza Fourm" is here...so here we go.

Hello, Old Tyme Grease Monkey here. I was "Sarge" on "Junkyard Mega Wars" on TLC (Season 13) 2004

I'm a Subaru fan too! (Along with old FORD TRUCKS)

We just bought cool little buggy..."The EGG"
(When I post a pic ...you will see why!)

The 99 Impreza L 4dr wagon was bought off a used car lot. 94k $3k

It lacks power after start up, then it is OK after 1-2 miles or so. I missed this on the test drive.
When my wife leaves work, she drives up a moderate grade hill. It is noticably sluggish. Then when "warm" seems OK.

The lot replaced the gas filler neck and a R rear wheel bearing, before I took it home.

After our "first 2 weeks/ 500 miles" the Impreza has now shown DTC P0463. (+V@ fuel gauge)(I know what the code is, but not how to fix it.)

My Mrs. Said the Gas Guage went up and down a few times and the MIL came on.

The MIL is lit. P0463, The EV fucntion/scan is also INC.

IDEAS Please....Very Glad to hear all about this thing and any tips.

I will replace the t-belt and W-pump. Just did trans svs. gear oil(s) is A ok.

Thanx, Jerry