View Full Version : Thinking about buying my first Subaru

03-06-2011, 12:05 PM
I am debating between my my first Beemer (X3 2004-2006 models) 2007-2009 Subaru -- they cost about the same but you get a newer Subaru for about the same price. My questions are:

* Which Subaru model would compare best with BMW's X3?

* Besides ebay and craigslist, are there any other Websites which I could use to buy it directly from individual owners?

* What is the annual maintainance cost one could expect for the next three years?

* And three, how many total miles can one typically expect a Subaru to run before giving it to a junk yard or donating it to a charity -- Camry's and Accord's easily run 200,000 miles and I have heard that people put as much as 250,000 miles these days.