View Full Version : Legacy vs Impreza

02-26-2011, 02:18 PM
Hello, I'm looking at buying my first Subaru. It will be a baseline Legacy or Impreza most likely. I test drove both yesterday, although the Impreza I drove was a manual but the Legacy was an auto. I can't find a Legacy equipped with a manual transmission locally. Whatever I buy, it will be a manual transmission.

Anyway, basically I'm wondering being that the Legacy and Impreza use the same engine, and the Legacy is a much bigger car, how much of a lag in power am I likely to notice with the Legacy over the Impreza? The salesman seemed like a nice guy, an older gentlemen about to retire. He said he and his wife have both, and said he doesn't notice much of any difference.

I couldn't tell a big difference on the test drive, but I wasn't pushing it on the test drive, and it's also kind of hard to tell being one was an MT and the other an auto.

What do you guys think?