View Full Version : 1990 Legacy wont start...

01-29-2011, 06:05 PM
Hey guys, im new to the forum and need some help.

Im working on a customers car and just got finished ripping out the crappy air suspension and putting WRX struts and legacy springs in it.

So heres the story. I got all the work done and pulled it back into the shop to do a final bleed on the brakes (you have to disconnect all of them to get the struts out). Finished bleeding the brakes and saw that the battery terminals were a little corroded so i figured why not clean them up (not to self, dont fix what aint broke). After doing this i went to start the car to take it to get aligned and nothing... It cranks and occasionally wants to fire up, but doesnt. I have cleaned up all the grounds and still nothing. I have hit a wall. It ran like 30mins before flawlessly and now it wont even start???

Im starting to think cam or crank sensors? But why? All i did was disconnect and reconnect the battery... HELP