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01-29-2011, 12:57 AM
hai i am drving suby impreza for the past 6 years , simply i love it .now i am planing to by a suv tribaca so i want to get some sugestion from those who driving tribaca.

i am waiting for your valuble sugestion

02-05-2011, 06:32 PM
I have just got rid of a 2008 Tribeca Ltd. I had an awful time with a jerking transmission when at highway speeds when climbing a slight incline or passing another vehicle....ie., when accelerating slightly. This went on non-stop for three years and Subaru could never correct it in spite of two torque converter replacements. I got tired of visiting the dealer for this problem, over the three years that I had the car. The dealer agreed there was a problem and wanted me to keep up my pressure on Subaru Canada. Subaru Canada, however refused to acknowledge that there was a problem, and closed the case on me as my 3yr warranty expired.
There are reports of other Tribecas having this problem. My dealer here says he has seen two other cases.
I would not TOUCH a Tribeca based on my experiences, and sadly my experience with Subaru in general has been coloured by this experience. This is/was my last Subaru.