View Full Version : Interested in a new subaru

01-09-2011, 02:35 AM
Hello all.

I'm looking to get a new car. My wife is tired of taking in my 89 brick for repair.It was a bad year for it. She thinks its costing more money then a newer car.
I am seriously considering a new Subaru and would like to get some facts pointed out. I was reading that the '11 forester has the newest version of the 2.5 engine that has the extra torque in it. Does the '11 legacy have the same generation engine, or is it being supplied with the old one for this year. Also, when is the Forester supposed to get the CVT transmission. Finally do both cars have Chain timming on the 2.5, or is one or the other supplied with the rubber belt. One last question, are these interference engines?

Thanks for any questions that you can answer