View Full Version : Overheating... Please help.

12-21-2010, 05:28 PM
okay, so I bought a 2000 rs 2.5 about 8 months ago from craigslist. the post had warnings of head gasket and radiator problems, but for $3000, i figured that wasn't too big of a deal. So, the problem is that after about 8 months of driving it, it overheated once while i was sliding around in the rain. I let it cool, tried to go, got about 200ft then it overheated again. that's how i got home that day, but it seemed to fix its self after i let it sit in the garage for a day and re-filled the coolant. got me around for about another 2 weeks then it happened again, seems to be happening more and more frequently so I decided to stop driving it. I'm having it checked out tomorrow, but here are the symptoms in order.

- initial overheating
- pull over, check coolant... full.
- hose going from radiator to coolant sends bubbles into the coolant.
- let car cool, check coolant... empty.
- check radiator... full.
- it leaks sometimes, but not enough to drain that much, that quickly.

any Ideas??? anything helps.

01-17-2011, 06:55 PM
sounds like head gaskets to me, but dont overlook the easy stuff. radiator cap is a big one. make sure your coolant fan is coming on when it should.also the thermostat might not be working.