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magic rat
12-12-2010, 12:19 AM
I am a very long time Subaru owner. I live in Colorado and have traveled all over the region for the last 31 years. Believe me, there no match to a Subaru on snow and ice. My first was a 1979 wagon with a 1.6L, front wheel drive. I retired that car after 270,000 miles. I now have 2 Foresters, 98 and 99, and a 2004 LLBean Outback. The 2 Foresters served my business well and I am rebuilding both engines. I will sell the 98 and give the 99 to my sister-in-law. My 04 Outback with the 3.0L is a fantastic car with a lot of power and the handling is, well... just a friggin blast!

I also own 3 Toyota Supras, an 84, 87 and 90, all turbo 7mgte engines. These are my toys. My wife drives a toyota Sienna van and has a new Mecedes C300 Sport for a garage ornament that allows me to keep my Supras with only a few complaints now.

My passion has always been cars. I used to own a 66 Chevelle SS that I had to sell in the mid 80's for financial reasons. When I has the chance to get more cars/toys, I went with Japanese vehicles simply because of quality. American Muscle cars are great, nothing sounds like a large V8, but those cars are just plain junk. The american cars built from the early 60's through the early 90's are a disgrace to our country. You can argue all you want about it, but you'll never convince me otherwise. I recently took a 1984 Corvette down to the frame and I will tell you, that was the worst piece of crap I ever worked on.

I can be very long-winded. Sorry. I have joined this site right now because there is no after market books on the 98 and 99 Forester and I need some info. I also have some issues with the Outback and need to start addressing them.