View Full Version : Interior Dome Light Fuse?

12-04-2010, 05:41 PM
Ok, I bought a dual map light for my 2003 Imprezna RS, which did not have one. Checked wires off dome light, tapped in to gray and green worked fine. THEN I went to install the map light, I did not realize the mounting screws grounded the map lights, so I had a direct ground and it started melting the wires back to the dome light. (I don't think the dome light is grounded except in wiring). Anyway, pulled the wires off pretty quickly. Still melted some. Stunk! It blew out the dome light. But now after replacing the bulb,(All three bulbs are the long 8 watt type which go between the two springy copper ends.) I have no dome light, no matter what position the switch is in, or when door opens. I'm hoping I blew a fuse. The only one I can find listed in my book is under the hood, the #12 15A clock/interior light. Fuse is good, clock works fine? There is a lighting switch #11 20A whick is OK. There is a room light bulb listed in maintenance and service right after fuses, but I cannot find any fuse for it. Can anyone give me some help or advice. I'd really appreciate it. thank you!