View Full Version : Tire recommendations sought...2003 Legacy L with 16 in. rims

11-20-2010, 02:33 PM
Hi, my first post to the Subaru forum!

My daughter has a 2003 Legacy L sedan that is currently running 205/55/16 Bridgestone Potenza RE92s, but she didn't get them rotated regularly and now they need to be replaced. My son will be taking her car to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for the winter, so snow/ice performance is a must.

The guy at Costco recommended Bridgestone Potenza G019 and Turanza EL-400, neither of which received very good ratings on Tire Rack's site.

I have Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS PPs on my Saab 9_3 and thought that they were great the first winter, but now I'm not that happy with them. They have very good ratings on TireRack.com.

I've never owned an all-wheel-drive car before so I'm looking for some suggestions.


02-11-2011, 10:42 PM
The 03' Outback that I bought last week came with a brand new set of Michelin Primacy MXV4's (60K warranty). Beefier snow tires are Primacy Alpin PA3 (Performance Winter/Snow), and X-Ice Xi2 (Studless Ice & Snow), these snow tires have no warranty. Snow tires get better traction, but they wear out sooner than All-season tires.

With that said, you could get the same MXV4's with a 60K warranty that I have which is still a M/S tire.