View Full Version : Custom 2.2L build

10-25-2010, 02:16 AM
Ok so heres the gameplan. Im taking the ej25 out of my car in favor for the more durable ej22. I am also looking to do an in depth n/a build on the engine. Im just starting off and aquiring parts as I go. I plan to assemble the engine on an engine stand and do a weekend swap over to the pre-built engine. So its a progress jump project instead of power progression.

Base 1998 ej22 2.2L n/a engine.

-cold air intake
-cam re-grind to street/strip profile
-possible head swap to DOHC 2.5 heads (depending on complications)
-injectors (if needed, or suggested)
-header back 2 or 2.5 inch exhaust (most likly 2.5" because where maine is sticker state I will be keeping emissions items such as cats)
-lightweight flywheel and clutch upgrade
-lightweight pullys
-bigger throttle body
-valve job w/ spring upgrade
-port/polishing depending on price to gain ratio
-ecu remap to performance parts spec sheets

Eventual upgrades
-suspension (tower bars, shocks/struts, sways, sway links)
-poly mounts
-short throw

Ok so heres the things I have questions on.
-Sugestions on ecu re-mapping (people or DIY, not interested in piggy back manipulation systems)
-Info/specs on 2.5 head swap on 2.2
-port polish gain/cost figures

I am very open to any questions, comments, or any add on suggestions you may have. Thanks for any info or support!