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10-15-2010, 02:01 AM
hey, I'm new to these forums and I came here for a little advice if anyone knows a bit about the 2.0 twin turbo legacy's
I'm basically just trying to get its straight line performance enhanced without cutting its life to short.

a tuning shop I emailed suggested that I do this, also they never gave a HP increase estimate and I live in New Zealand so all the prices are in NZD (1 NZD = 0.759 U.S.D)

Does any of this below mean anything to anyone? cos I'm pretty noob with engines and any help or advice would be greatly appreciated,
thanks to anyone that can help

Exhaust System

$155.00 - STM De-Cat Pipe
$210.00 - Rage Centre Section
$248.00 - Rage Rear Section
$236.25 - Labour to Fit
$21.27 - Gaskets
$20.00 - Sundries

$890.52 - Total

The two boost controller prices are as follows:


$1119.00 - HKS EVC-5
$279.00 - Installation (Labour + Materials)

$1398.00 - Total
Turbosmart E Boost

$645.00 - E Boost Street
$279.00 - Installation (Labour + Materials)

$924.00 - Total

Both boost controllers will do the job, the HKS item is more sophisticated in it's operation and aesthetically is better. Once the boost controller is fitted it then requires setting up. We recommend this be done on our Dyno as it is a controlled, safe environment. The cost of do this is below:

Set Up Boost Controller On Dyno

$150.00 - Dyno Inspection Run

10-16-2010, 12:10 AM
what a dumb unhelpful fourm, good riddance to you