View Full Version : 2008 Impreza blower quits & everything else blows

10-12-2010, 08:51 PM
My 2008 (43,000 mile) Impreza blower quit while in A/C mode. I turn the switches & nothing happens. Both 15 amp fuses blown. I replace them, turn the switch and still dead-not even a puff (both fuses blown). Dealer says, A/C Resistor defective and it burned out the blower. I have it repaired at the dealer, a new resistor and blower (after tax $650) and the statement that they've never seen this on a Subaru with 45K. 6 weeks later (45,000 miles), does it again-same everything. This time, they say the wires gowing to the blower were touching. They said that it wasn't the problem last time but it is this time. They replaced it under the warranty of the ($650) job done last time. Did they get it? This is my 5th Subaru, did I get a constant problem? Anyone see anything like this?

02-11-2012, 09:36 PM
consumer reports is a big help in finding out.